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CamelliaShop is a family owned and operated nursery that grows and sells Ornamental Flowering Camellias and Camellia sinensis Tea Plants. Camellias have been part of our family since 1957 and we are passionate about them!  

We sell and ship our plants, in the soil,  to all United States except for Hawaii.  We hope that you will find what you are looking for here, but if you don't, feel free  contact me  and I'll do what I can to try to help you!

Debbie Odom
Co-Owner CamelliaShop.com
Email: info@camelliashop.com

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Camellia Shop

America's Camellia Store - combining the best of the old with the best of the new in Camellia selection for our many customers across the USA! We Ship!

Winter's Fancy

Species: Sasanqua hybrid Bloom Color: Pink Bloom Size: small Bloom Form: Single Blo...

Details $ 25.00


Species: sasanqua Bloom Color: Red Bloom Size: small Bloom Form: single Bloom Seaso...

Details $ 25.00

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How to Wax Camellias by Debbie Odom


Waxing Camellias is a wonderful way to preserve camellia blooms without having to put them in water. The blooms can last from 1 day to several weeks before finally turning brown beneath the wax. The form can last for years, so many gardeners like to spray paint them once the color has faded.

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A Very Special Lady Named Frankie Winn

Some of you may be familiar with the camellia variety known as ‘Frankie Winn’ or the variegated version called ‘Frankie Winn Variegated’. Both are excellent Japonica cultivars that well suited for garden plants as well as for exhibition blooms.

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Rebel Yell

Species: Japonica Bloom Color: White with red stripes, flecks, and streaks, can thr...

Details $ 25.00

Winter's Joy

Species: Sasanqua hybrid Bloom Color: Pink Bloom Size: small Bloom Form: Single Blo...

Details $ 15.00

Sea Foam

Species: Japonica Bloom Color: White  Bloom Size: Medium 3-4"  Bloom Form: Formal D...

Details $ 15.00


Species: Camellia japonica Bloom Color: white shading to light pink Bloom Size: Medi...

Details $ 15.00


Species: Japonica Bloom Color: White Bloom Size: Small Bloom Form: Anemone Form Blo...

Details $ 15.00

Leslie Ann

Species: Sasanqua Bloom Color: White with lavender tipped petals  Bloom Size: Small...

Details $ 15.00

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